A sampling of our past works...

Please enjoy looking through our collection of some of the custom work done for our customers. 

Many of the items we now carry started out as custom orders.

Click on the thumbnails to view the full sized images.



Victorian Blouse           

              1890's Bodice                TRON            1770's Polonaise           



  Padawan Learner      BloodRayne       Emperor Clasp



       Goldmoon Brooch       Blue Crystal Staff Head       With Weiss & Hickman



Padme Ornaments      Arwen Chase Buckle      Isildur Clasp   



         Star Trek - Of Gods And Men         Custom Klingon Wings 


                         Custome Security Wheel and Rank Pins

                    Wrath Of Khan Uniform          Security & Rank Pins         


                         Han Solo Hoth Boots           Senator Bail Organa Buckle

              Leia Necklace             Hoth Boots                 Bail Organa Buckle


    Padme Amidala picnic Dress Pin                        Padme Amidala Handmaiden Battle Outfit Buckle                        Padme Pilot buckle

     Padme Picnic Dress Pin         Padme Battle Outfit Buckle             Padme Pilot Buckle         



7 of 9 Borg Hand Implant                    Star Trek Online uniform

Borg Hand Implant                Star Trek Online Jacket    



Mirror, Mirror Captains Vest and Sash

Mirror, Mirror Vest




These and other custom items available by request.

 All images and content copyright Shadow Dale Creations.  All Rights Reserved.


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