Imperial Forces



Imperial Officer Uniform


Imperial Officer Gray-Green Costume


Imperial Officer Gray                Imperial Officer Red

Be the pride of the 501st in our Imperial Officer coat And breeches!  Double breasted hip length coat features code cylinder pockets and your choice of rank badge with clutch back, velcro, or magnetic attachment.  Riding style breeches feature fly front and full thigh for an authentic look.  Available in wool blend, poly, or cotton for breathability in warmer climates, with a full lining and interfaced for a proper tailored look.  Available in Black, Gray, Red, and Cream.  Other colors available by request.  Officer's Hat features stiff brim and officer's pin.  Black leather belt comes with metal buckle and attached officer's pin.  Aluminum Belt Boxes (2.5" x 4.5") come with belt clips, available in either vertical or horizontal mount.



Imperial Officer uniform

Imperial Officer Uniform


Imperial Security Bureau Jacket     Imperial Security Bureau Jacket

Imperial Security Bureau Coat


Imperial Officer Hat     Imperial Officer Hat

Imperial Officer Belt          Imperial Officer Belt Boxes

Imperial Officer Rank Badge    Imperial General Rank Badge    Imperial Officer Rank Badge

Imperial Officer Code Cylinder


Standard Colors

Gray/Green     Black     Red     Cream     White

     Gray                        Black                       Red                       Cream                     White    

Grand Admiral

Grand Admiral Epaulets

Imperial Officer Coat is available with gold Grand Admiral epauettes.

Imperial Navy Trooper (Deathstar Trooper) Helmet          Imperial Navy Trooper (Deathstar Trooper) Helmet          Imperial Navy Trooper (Deathstar Trooper) Helmet          Imperial Navy Trooper (Deathstar Trooper) Helmet

Imperial Navy Trooper (Deathstar Trooper) Helmet

Adult sized helmet based on the Mark II Navy "Talker" helmet.  Tough multi-piece plastic construction, comes complete with chin strap and padded liner.


Our work meets 501st standards for authenticity.



Imperial Officer Coat                                           $300.00

Imperial Officer Breeches                                    $100.00

Imperial Officer Hat with Pin                                 $55.00

Imperial Officer Belt                                               $60.00

Aluminum Belt Box With Clips (each)                   $40.00

Imperial Officer Code Cylinder (each)                  $10.00

Grand Admiral Epaulets (Pair)                               $40.00

Imperial Navy Trooper Helmet                              $450.00

Rank Pins (included with uniform purchase) are also available separately.


Since there is a great deal of confusion concerning what rank badge/code cylinder combination is correct for each rank, we have compiled a guide for your convenience...


Imperial Officer Rank Guide


Rank Pin Price List

Imperial Officer Rank Pin - Cadet                          $10.00

Imperial Officer Rank Pin - Ensign                         $15.00

Imperial Officer Rank Pin - Lieutenant                  $20.00

Imperial Officer Rank Pin - Lt Commander           $30.00

Imperial Officer Rank Pin - Commander               $30.00

Imperial Officer Rank Pin - Captain                       $30.00

Imperial Officer Rank Pin - Line Captain               $35.00

Imperial Officer Rank Pin - Colonel                        $30.00

Imperial Officer Rank Pin - High Colonel               $30.00

Imperial Officer Rank Pin - Commodore                $35.00

Imperial Officer Rank Pin - General                       $35.00

Imperial Officer Rank Pin - Major General            $30.00

Imperial Officer Rank Pin - High General              $30.00

Imperial Officer Rank Pin - Brigadier                     $30.00

Imperial Officer Rank Pin - Vice Admiral               $40.00

Imperial Officer Rank Pin - Admiral                        $40.00

Imperial Officer Rank Pin - Fleet Admiral              $40.00

Imperial Officer Rank Pin - High Admiral               $40.00

Imperial Officer Rank Pin - Moff                             $40.00

Imperial Officer Rank Pin - Grand Moff                  $40.00

Imperial Officer Rank Pin - Grand Admiral             $40.00


Please specify pin-back, Velcro, or sew-on attachment.









Stormtrooper Neck Seals


Made to match the neck seals seen on Han and Luke in ANH, as well as an army of Stormtroopers seen in the Star Wars saga including Episode VII: The Force Awakens, this neck seal will complete any set of Stormtrooper armor.  Equipped with Velcro closure and attached dickie or vest, our neck seal is available in a smooth textured finish urethane.  The standard version features 10 rings (12 rings is considered screen accurate for "hero" neck seals).  Other ring amounts available by request.  Optional underarm elasticized straps available for a nominal charge.  Also available in screen accurate "vest" style with side ties, Republic Commando style, and Cyborg Darth Maul (Clone Wars) style.  Please state neck size when ordering.

Stormtrooper Neck Seal Episode VII

Stormtrooper Neck Seal - Dickie Style         Stormtrooper Neck Seal - Dickie Style         Stormtrooper Neck Seal - Dickie Style

Neck Seal - Dickey Style


Stormtrooper Neck Seal - Vest Style                   Stormtrooper Neck Seal - Vest Style                   Stormtrooper Neck Seal - Vest Style

Neck Seal  - Vest Style


Republic Commando Neck Seal          Republic Commando Neck Seal          Republic Commando Neck Seal

Republic Commando Neck Seal


Cyborg Darth Maul Neck Seal          Cyborg Darth Maul Neck Seal          Cyborg Darth Maul Neck Seal

Cyborg Darth Maul Neck Seal

Note: We do not sell ANY Stormtrooper Armor Parts.  Please don't ask.


Stormtrooper Neck Seal - Dickey Style                $45.00

Stormtrooper Neck Seal - Vest Style With Ties   $60.00

Republic Commando Neck Seal                             $50.00

Darth Maul Neck Seal                                            $45.00

Underarm Straps                                               Add $2.00







For the Imperial Snowtrooper, a foundation garment for those long winter patrols.   Lined for an authentic drape, our Trench Coat features overlapping front with Velcro closure, and center back pleat for ease of movement, and is available with a collar, or without (screen accurate).  Side waist belt loops accommodate up to a 3" belt.  Fleece version available in White or Cream, Wool version available in Cream.  Please state fabric choice when ordering.  Also available with canvas belt pouches with velcro flap, and elasticized pants.  Belt Pouches available in White or natural colored canvas.


Snowtrooper Trenchcoat          Snowtrooper Belt Pouches

      Trenchcoat                     Belt Pouches

Snowtrooper Trench Coat - Fleece    $150.00

Snowtrooper Trench Coat - Wool       $200.00

Snowtrooper Pants - Fleece                  $50.00

Snowtrooper Pants - Wool                    $75.00

Snowtrooper Belt Pouch Set (2)            $50.00












Royal Guard

Royal Guard 



Royal Guard Helmet          Royal Guard Helmet          Royal Guard Helmet

      Royal Guard Helmet

Finished in a crimson gloss to match the outer robes, our adult sized cast resin helmet comes with red or smoke tinted visor to conceal the wearer's features.  Please specify visor color when ordering.

Royal Guard Helmet    $350.00






Royal Guard 









AT-ST Driver


AT-ST Driver Jumpsuit          AT-ST Driver Jumpsuit

AT-ST Driver Jumpsuit

Poly Cotton blend AT-ST Driver Jumpsuit features accurate pocket detail with Velcro closure on collar and cuffs.  Front has two way zipper closure, and chest pockets.  Shoulders feature authentic cog patch.   Sleeves have back vent for ease of movement.  Right sleeve has cargo pocket with Velcro closure.  Left sleeve has data cylinder pocket and cutout pocket for comm pad.  Leg has hip pocket and thigh pockets with Velcro closure.


AT-ST Driver Jumpsuit          AT-ST Driver Jumpsuit          AT-ST Driver Jumpsuit          AT-ST Driver Jumpsuit

 AT-ST Driver Jumpsuit         AT-ST Driver Jumpsuit          AT-ST Driver Jumpsuit        AT-ST Driver Jumpsuit


AT-ST Driver Jumpsuit           $265.00

AT-ST Driver Comm Pad            $30.00











TIE Pilot Comm Pad          Curved Comm Pad

Tie Pilot Comm Pad

Cast resin Comm pad features accurate detailing and pocket sized backing plate for a "no shift" fit.  Our Com Pad is available painted in standard color scheme (other colors schemes available by request), molded flat or curved.  Backing plate measures 4.5"x5".  Please specify flat or curved when ordering.

Custom Pads available by request.

Variant Paint Scheme                                                                   Scanning Crew Comm Pad

TIE Variant Color Scheme                     Scanning Crew Color Scheme

TIE Pilot Comm Pad                                           $30.00

Scanning Crew Comm Pad                                 $30.00





All movie and media related items are fan made copies.

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