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The Hobbit


2nd Age Elven Warrior Armor

Elven Warrior Armor

As seen in The Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit.  Beautifully crafted armor made from a sturdy plastic and armor grade leather. Featuring a beautiful lacing system up the back and elastic cord so there is comfort and some give.  Painstakingly recreated from film footage and lovingly made for the ardent fan to enjoy for a lifetime.

The standard color for this set is a golden tone with green aged effect, which closely matches the elven helm and shield available elsewhere.  Other colors available by request.

Be the envy of collectors and elves alike. Make other races sick with envy at how beautiful you can look while diminishing their ranks. Ironically, their last thoughts may be 'I wonder who their tailor is?' This set is suitable for conventions, costume parties, Orc raids, goblin war bands, LARPing, or display. So order yours today, and have art that will always remind you of your finest conquests.

2nd Age Elven Armor      2nd Age Elven Armor      2nd Age Elven Armor      2nd Age Elven Armor      2nd Age Elven Armor

Whether a showpiece meant for proud display, or to wear on your own campaign, this set will be the envy of any LOTR collection.  This set includes chest armor, pauldrons,  hip armor, and bracers, in cosplay safe metallic finished plastic with leather trim. UC Helmet shown not included.

The armor is adjustable, includes chest, pauldrons, hip, and bracers, and is available in Small / Medium, and Large / Extra Large.


Elven Armor Display

Customer Photo


Elven Warrior Armor     $650.00





3rd Age Elven Armor


Elven Warrior Cape


Fit for a warrior, this stirring example of elven finery will compliment the most demanding soldier's wardrobe.  The two tone sheen of the cape's fabric will distinguish you as one of the elven elite.  This cape features a full back with attached hood, and forward drapes that loop through the armor's shoulder straps, and matching waist sash.  Machine washable, and available in a wide range of colors!




Elven Warrior Cape                     $250.00


Please mention color choice when ordering.



Elven Warrior Kilt & Pants

Elven Warrior Kilt          Elven Warrior Pants

The final element to complete an elven warrior's attire.  Made of heavy weight velvet, this set features an overlapping kilt with elasticized waist, and matching loose-fitting pants.  Available in the standard gray or other colors to compliment the cape and sash.  Other fabrics also available, write for pricing.


Elven Warrior Kilt & Pants         $150.00




The Hobbit

Arwen Chase Dress




The buckle for Arwen's Chase dress as seen in The Fellowship Of The Ring.  Cast pewter "buckle", designed to be attached to the dress by ties, measures approximately 3.5" X 4".



Chase Dress Buckle               $100.00




Gondorian War Horn



Boromir's Horn Of Gondor

 Boromir's Horn Of Gondor - Detail          Boromir's Horn Of Gondor - Detail



A fully functional war horn as worn by Boromir in The Fellowship Of The Ring.  Bands are made from metallic cold cast resin, fitted to a synthetic bull's horn.  A leather shoulder strap is attached to the horn by stainless steel rings, so it can be slung as a costume accessory, or mounted on your wall.


Hear The Horn of Gondor in action!

Note:  The horn is not a reed type instrument.  It requires proper technique to blow, much like playing a trumpet or French horn.  Practice makes perfect!

Gondorian War Horn                $400.00




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