Rebel Forces




X-Wing Pilot


X-Wing Pilot Jumpsuit          X-Wing Pilot Jumpsuit

X-Wing Pilot Jumpsuit

Poly Cotton blend X-Wing Pilot Jumpsuit features accurate pocket detail with Velcro closure on collar and cuffs.  Front has two way zipper closure, and chest pockets.    Sleeves have back vent for ease of movement.  Right sleeve has cargo pocket with Velcro closure.  Left sleeve has data cylinder pocket and cutout pocket for comm pad.  Leg has hip pocket, thigh and calf pockets with Velcro closure.


X-Wing Pilot Jumpsuit          X-Wing Pilot Jumpsuit          X-Wing Pilot Jumpsuit          X-Wing Pilot Jumpsuit

X-Wing Pilot Jumpsuit        X-Wing Pilot Jumpsuit        X-Wing Pilot Jumpsuit        X-Wing Pilot Jumpsuit


Rebel Pilot Comm Pad          Curved Comm Pad

Rebel Pilot Comm Pad

Cast resin Comm pad features accurate detailing and pocket sized backing plate for a "no shift" fit.  Our Com Pad is available painted in standard color scheme (other color schemes available by request), molded flat or curved.  Backing plate measures 4.5"x5".  Please specify flat or curved when ordering.

X-Wing Pilot Jumpsuit                           $275.00

X-Wing Pilot Comm Pad                          $30.00









Princess Leia Ceremonial Costume

A faithful replica of the attire worn by a famous princess during a ceremony to honor rebel heroes. Crepe gown with chiffon overlay has ankle length sleeves open at the back. and hidden side zipper.

Necklace                 Leia Ceremonial Necklace

Necklace consists of 15 squares connected by rings, with a small clasp at the back. Available in resin with silver finish, or in more durable cast pewter.

Leia Bracelet       Leia Bracelet       Leia Bracelet

 Bracelet is available in cast resin with silver finish or solid pewter.

Leather belt with finished metal fittings, available in white (ANH) and silver (Ceremonial). Choice of snap or hidden Velcro closure at the back.

Please state size when ordering.

Princess Ceremonial Gown and Belt       $450.00

Princess Ceremonial Necklace - Resin    $100.00

Princess Ceremonial Necklace - Pewter  $300.00

Princess Ceremonial Bracelet - Resin        $75.00

Princess Ceremonial Bracelet - Pewter     $150.00

Princess Belt - White or Silver                   $100.00






Padme Mustafar "Sleeveless" Costume


This costume consists of tan fitted pants, and an empire waisted synthetic suede sleeveless top with a collar. Brown pleather straps wrap around the waist and cross the chest, crowned with an ornate cast metal buckle.  A cast metal brooch adorns the base of the neckline.  The set includes matching gauntlets with the left adorned by an embroidered Naboo symbol.




     Padme Mustafar Buckle & Brooch



Padme Mustafar Costume                            $450.00

Padme Mustafar Buckle & Brooch Only    $100.00









Naboo Pilot Costume


Naboo Pilot Costume



Cast metal pilot buckle with electroplated brass finish.  Buckle measures approximately 6"x3", and fits a 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" wide belt.


Padme Pilot buckle

Naboo Pilot Buckle


Naboo Pilot Buckle             $125.00












Jedi / Sith Robe

Obi-Wan Jedi Robe


Long sleeved robe with attached hood, available in brown or black.  Offered in heavyweight cotton for an authentic look yet comfortable during arid adventures, so you can wear it all day without feeling like you're trapped under an old blanket, or wool for adventures in colder climates.  Dress in style whether you're a seasoned master, or a secret apprentice.

Available in various lengths and styles, such as optional tucked shoulders (Obi-Wan EP II), or long pointed sleeves (Mace).  Available in Cotton/Polyester or Wool.  Other fabrics available by request.


Jedi Robe - Cotton/Poly           $125.00

Jedi Robe - Wool                      $200.00









Jedi / Sith Tunic & Pants

Jedi Tunic

Standard Jedi tunic with matching pants in rugged cream colored "homespun" look fabric.  This unisex style includes tunic with long full sleeves and inner dickey, tabards and obi, with loose fitting elasticized pants for a comfortable fit.  A wide range of colors available.  Belt not included.




Many Color/Fabric Variations Available.  Write for pricing with your specific requests.


Jedi Tunic & Pants - Cotton                   $250.00

Jedi Tunic & Pants - Wool/Linen/Silk    $300.00








Female Jedi








Rebel Alliance General Collar Pins

Rebel Alliance General Collar Pins


Rebel Alliance General Collar Rank Pins have clutch pin back.


Hoth Luke Uniform

Rebel Alliance Rank Insignia Badge

Rebel Alliance Rank Badge


Rebel Alliance Rank Badge comes equipped with your choice of velcro, clutch pin, or magnetic backing

Since there is a great deal of confusion concerning what rank badge is correct for each rank, we have compiled a guide for your convenience...

Rebel Forces Ranks

Rebel Hoth Officer Comm Unit - Luke Skywalker

Officer's Comm Unit

Officer's Comm Unit          Officer's Comm Unit (shown on glove)

Officer's Comm unit, as worn by Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, General Rieekan, and others comes pre-painted, with real brass screen, backing plate and screws for attaching to glove (not included).

Rebel Trench Trooper Hat

Rebel Trench Trooper Hat and Radio

Rebel Trench Trooper Hat and Radio  Rebel Trench Trooper Hat and Radio Rebel Trench Trooper Hat and Radio Rebel Trench Trooper Hat and Radio

Hoth Rebel Trench Trooper hat, shown with Hat Radio (sold separately), and Bolle "Mojo" goggles (not included)

Insulated one size fits all Rebel Trench Trooper Hat comes with hidden inner size adjustment, velcro chin strap and flaps.  Pair with our Hoth Hat Radio and your favorite goggles for an authentic Trench Trooper outfit.

Hoth Hat Radio          Hoth Hat Radio          Hoth Hat Radio          Hoth Hat Radio

Hoth Hat Radio

Rebel Alliance cold weather duty (Hoth) hat radio, as seen on Luke Skywalker and Rebel Alliance soldiers.  Cast resin (non-functional) communicator comes with metal reinforced antenna, and embedded clutch pin backing for attachment to the hat.  Mastered from the same parts used on the originals, this is the most accurate reproduction available anywhere.

Hoth Officer Rank Badge                                    Hoth Enlisted Rank Badge

Hoth Officer Rank Badge                   Hoth Enlisted Rank Badge

Rebel Alliance cold weather duty (Hoth) Rank Badge for Officers or Enlisted (Hoth Soldier/Trench Trooper) comes equipped with Velcro or pin backing, prefinished in your choice of button color combination.

Hoth Trench Trooper

Rebel Alliance General Collar Pins (Set of 2)                                 $25.00

Rebel Alliance Rank Badge - Midshipman / Ensign                    $30.00

Rebel Alliance Rank Badge - Acting Sub-Lt/2nd Lt                    $30.00

Rebel Alliance Rank Badge - Sub-Lieutenant / Lt                        $30.00

Rebel Alliance Rank Badge - Lieutenant / Captain                      $30.00

Rebel Alliance Rank Badge - Lt Commander / Major                 $35.00

Rebel Alliance Rank Badge - Commander / Lt Colonel               $35.00

Rebel Alliance Rank Badge - Captain / Colonel                        $40.00

Rebel Alliance Rank Badge - Commodore /Brigadier           $40.00

Rebel Alliance Rank Badge - Rear Admiral / Maj General         $40.00

Rebel Alliance Rank Badge - Vice Admiral / Lt General             $40.00

Rebel Alliance Rank Badge - Admiral / General                          $40.00

Rebel Alliance Rank Badge - Fleet Admiral / High General       $40.00

Rebel Alliance Rank Badge - High Admiral / Surface Marshal  $40.00

Rebel Alliance Hoth Officer Rank Badge                                      $30.00

Rebel Alliance Hoth Enlisted Rank Badge                                    $30.00

Rebel Alliance Hoth Comm Unit - Officer                                     $40.00

Rebel Alliance Trench Trooper Hat                                              $150.00

Rebel Alliance Hoth Hat Radio                                                       $55.00






All movie and media related items are fan made copies.

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