Ribbon Device


Stargate Ribbon Device                    Stargate Ribbon Device

The Ribbon Device is used by Goa'uld to drain life force from unwilling victims.  Series version features movable fingers , simulated crystal, and wrist strap.  Available with optional lighting kit.


STARGATE Ribbon Device - Series Version      $450.00

STARGATE Ribbon Device Lighting Kit              $50.00




Kor Mak Bracelets


Kor Mak Bracelets                    Kor Mak Bracelets

Paired bracelets that connect the wearers and kills them if they are separated from one another for too long. They are nearly impossible to cut through or otherwise remove except with a key. They were once used by the Goa'uld Cronus in transporting prisoners to prevent escape.  Recreated here in a flexible rubber with a metal backing, they can be extended to a "flat' position, and "slapped" onto a person's wrist.  Male and female versions are sold as a set.

Kor Mak Bracelets (Pair)             $100.00






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