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STAR TREK Nemesis Uniform


The latest in Starfleet battle gear as seen in Generations, First Contact, and later films.   Made in a wool blend elastique and gabardine, available as a two piece set with jacket and pants, or as a one piece jumpsuit.  Cuff has your choice of division color stripe.  Jacket is fully lined.   Pants have invisible zipper front, and optional hidden pocket.  Fully lined Admiral's Jacket features quilted yoke, gold trim, division bands and insignia, and zip front, and includes Admiral's buckle and belt.


Star Trek First Contact/Nemesis Jacket          Star Trek First Contact/Nemesis Jacket          Star Trek First Contact/Nemesis Jacket

Nemesis Jacket (shown with undershirt)


Star Trek Nemesis Uniform Jumpsuit

Nemesis Jumpsuit (shown with undershirt)






Nemesis Vest




Nemesis Admiral's Jacket      Nemesis Admiral's Jacket

Admiral's Jacket (shown with undershirt)


Nemesis Admiral's Buckle 

Admiral's Belt Buckle



Cast resin communicator pin included.


Nemesis Shirt



Division color undershirt has invisible front zipper, hook and eye closure, and set of magnetic rank pips.




Magnetic Rank Pips

Magnetic Rank Pip Set


Magnetic Rank Pip Set includes four fill pips and one half pip with magnetic backing, which is placed inside the shirt collar, to allow ease of removal for laundering.

Admiral Rank Bar

Admiral Rank Bar

Admiral Rank Bar comes in sets of two or four, and includes screen accurate snap attachment to allow ease of removal for laundering.

Division Colors


Berry                        Gold                        Teal


Uniforms also available in Starfleet Marine Corps color scheme Class B Uniforms: Duty Uniforms (DS9 and VOY).





Captain Picard




Please state size and division/color choice when ordering.



Nemesis Jacket                                     $350.00

Nemesis Jumpsuit                                $375.00

Nemesis Jacket - Admiral                     $500.00

(Includes Admiral's buckle and belt)                

Nemesis Vest                                        $150.00

(Above items include Communicator)              

Nemesis Pants                                        $90.00

Nemesis Undershirt                              $125.00

(Includes Magnetic Rank Pin Set)                  
Magnetic Rank Pip Set Only                  $30.00

Admiral Rank Bars - Set of 2                   $30.00

Admiral Rank Bars - Set of 4                   $50.00

Nemesis Communicator Only                 $15.00

(Cast resin, includes velcro backing)                    








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