Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I order a costume from you?

A: Click on any order button under an item description to request your costume from us.  Our talented staff will help you plan your order, and assist you with determining your correct size, and payment instructions. 


Q: Can you create a costume from my drawing/photo/favorite show?

A: Yes!  We specialize in recreating costumes from references provided by our customers.  We can also research projects for you, to provide you with special items you might request, as seen below.


Customer Provided Sketch              Prototype                        Final Product             


Q: I want an item I don't see on your site, can you show me a picture of one you've made?

A: It's impossible to have already made every item any customer might ever dream of having.  If you don't see it already on the site, we probably don't have pictures of one to show you.  Please use photos of our existing items as examples of the quality of our work when inquiring about custom orders.


Q: Can you make me a real gun/knife/sword?

A: For the safety of our customers, and anyone they may encounter while using our products, we will not make any "real" weapons.  We can offer safe alternatives (i.e. non-firing, dull edged, rubber/plastic) alternatives to weapon type props and costume parts.


Q: How do I know what size to order?

A: We provide you with a basic measuring chart so that we have all the necessary information, if we need any further measurements not on these pages we will ask you. 

When measuring, have someone help you as measuring yourself can prove inaccurate, and please be honest with your sizing as well. We try to produce your costume for you so that you are comfortable in it and cannot be responsible if measurements provided aren't accurate.  If you have questions about measurements, please feel free to ask. 

Items returned for additional resizing at our discretion due to incorrect measurements are subject to a tailoring fee and return shipping fees.


To assist you with sizing here are some measurement charts:

Men's Measurement Chart

Women's Measurement Chart

Don't have a tape measure?

Download one here! - Printable Tape Measure with instructions.

Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader , a free download.


Q: How do I pay for my order?

A:  All prices are in U.S. currency and customers are responsible for all shipping charges.    We provide shipping to the USA and other countries via United States Postal Service, UPS, and Federal Express, and can provide conversion into your currency if you require it. 

Deposits on custom items are non-refundable.  Please consider your choices carefully before placing an order.


Q: Why does the costume I want cost so much?

A: Anyone looking for a cheap, fast, high quality costume should read the Costumer's Guide's write-up on the subject.  We  couldn't have explained it any better than they do.  If after reading that you still don't understand the value of our work, there are plenty of vendors with sweatshop-made bagged costumes to be found by searching Google.


Q: Can I pay for my order in installments?

A: Orders that total over $500 (exclusive of shipping charges) may be paid for in installments.  A 50% deposit is sufficient to book an order.  Remaining balance is due before any custom order is started.  No order will b shipped before it is completely paid for.


Q: Do you have my costume in stock?

A: Probably not.  Almost everything we sell is custom made to order.  We have little or no "stock" items.  Some small items may be available to ship in short order (pins, patches, etc.), other items are available on a custom order basis only, and must be booked well in advance of when they are needed.  Please bear this in mind when ordering.


Q: How long will my costume take?

A: When you place your order you may request an estimate of  how far in advance we are booked.  If you are ordering a more intensively detailed costume, or an item that requires custom sculpting,  it may take longer, and be aware that when you book your order we already have other customers in line ahead of you!  If you need your costume by a specific date it is important to order as soon as possible so that it will be completed in time for your event.


Q: Why does my order take this long to produce?

A: Your costume is custom made to your specifications and measurements, and  most pieces must be drafted specially for you.  Also if there are special pieces that need to be sculpted and cast they may also take more time to createEvery costume is hand crafted for each individual customer. We carry very few "stock" items.  Every part of the process is very time and labor intensive, and in the case of recreating a movie or character outfit a great deal of research and preparation is involved.  We obtain the best fabrics at the best value for your costume, and sometimes hand beading, sculpting, or dyeing is a part of the process. We have dedicated most of our lives to our craft and provide a professional service and know that we give our customers value for their money.  Also, remember that there are customers who ordered before you who are also waiting patiently for their order.  Please do not ask us to "bump" you ahead of them!


Q: Why don't I get "updates" as to how my order is coming along?

A:  Due to the sheer number of customers we serve, it is impossible to constantly update every customer on every aspect of their order's construction.  If you absolutely need to know something specific about your order before it ships, please e-mail us.

It is not necessary to email us every week asking for the "status" of your order!  Such e-mails are unnecessary and having to respond to them takes time away from working on everyone's orders, including yours!  Additionally, any message containing profanity of any kind will automatically be sent to the spam folder.


Q: I've changed my mind about the style and fabric after I've given you my order, can I change/cancel it?

A: By this point we've already ordered your fabric and created a pattern for your costume.  If you want another garment you may order it, but we will not be able to change the costume after we've already begun to prepare what you've ordered.  Please consider your selections carefully, and contact us regarding possible changes as soon after placing the order as possible if you would like to make changes to the design.  Canceled or returned orders are subject to a cancellation/restocking fee of 50% of the original purchase price.


Q: I don't want to purchase a costume from you, but can you tell me what to do to make my own?

A: As much as we love the art of costuming, we don't have the time to teach people how to make costumes, as it takes time away from our paying customers.  Inquire at your local bookstore for books on sewing and crafts for beginners, to help you learn this fascinating art.


Q: Do you sell your patterns?

A: No, we do not.  Our patterns represent an investment of many man hours of research and design on our part, and are not for sale, nor do we sell our embroidery designs or files.  There are many commercial patterns available at your local fabric store that may suit your needs if you prefer to create your own costume.


Q: Can you tell me where to buy fabric or supplies to make my costume?

A: No, we do not share information about our suppliers.   There are many sources available on the web that may suit your needs if you prefer to create your own costume.  Likewise, we do not sell fabric, thread, or other sewing notions.  Check your local fabric store for these items.


Q: How do I choose a fabric?

A: We will give you pricing on different fabrics for your garments and have the best resources at our disposal for providing you with quality fabric selections.  When you choose a color and fabric type we will find a variety for you to choose from unless you have something specific in mind.   We reserve the right to substitute out of stock fabrics with fabrics of similar or better quality.


Q: Are your costumes machine washable?

A: Some material used may be machine washable however, since these are custom items we do not suggest or advocate machine washing any item we create. The reason for this is that these are expensive materials usually including delicate trims which may be damaged in a machine and the look of your garment may be altered if it is washed by conventional methods. We consider each piece to be a special creation and would suggest dry cleaning for those items you wish to have cleaned.  Please let us know if you would prefer your item to be machine washable before ordering.


Q: Can I return my costume for a refund?

A: All wearable item sales are final.  We do not offer refunds, as all of our items are custom made and represent a considerable investment of time and materials on our part.   If we have made an error with regard to size, color, etc., please let us know and we will do our best to resolve the problem. 

We are also aware of customers who wear an item once and then try to return it for a refund, in used and often damaged condition.  We can easily tell the difference between a new item from our shop and a "worn" item.  We ship all items insured, and any damages that may occur during shipping are covered.  Damages to an item after a customer receives the item are the responsibility of the customer, and may be repaired at our discretion, subject to a repair charge, and return shipping charges.  Also, we do not "rent" costumes.

Please consider your choices carefully before placing an order.


Q: Can I get free costumes from you in exchange for a credit in my fan film?

A: Sorry, but no.  As much as we appreciate assisting aspiring filmmakers with their productions, the mention of our business in the credits does not offset our production costs.


Q: I am ordering from another country.  Can you label the item as a "gift" on the customs form to save on import tariffs?

A: No.  We will not intentionally mislabel an item as a gift or reduce the sale value or falsify customs documents in any way.  The customer is responsible for all duties and charges required by customs on an item they are importing from us. 


Q: I can't decide right now, what if I wait until the last minute?

A: We receive orders every day. If you wait to order we may not be able to fill your order within your needed time frame. We are unable to hold a spot for you unless your order placed and paid for.  Order early if you intend to have your costume for a specific event. 

Additionally, we are often heavily booked before holidays and conventions, and may not be able to take orders for many of our more popular items at these times.  When in doubt, order early.



To assist you with sizing here are some measurement guides:


Men's Measurement Guide    Women's Measurement Guide

Download our Measurement Form

Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader , a free download.


Don't have a tape measure?

Download one here! - Printable Tape Measure with instructions.

Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader , a free download.




Prices subject to change without notice.  All quotes by mail are valid for 30 days. 



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